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Zhu Zhu/Go Go Pets Hamster Funhouse 0

Posted on September 02, 2010 by carol

Zhu Zhu/Go Go Pets Hamster Funhouse (Hamsters Sold Separately) is a wonderful new toy. This is just one of the various fun ways to play with the many Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Mr. Squiggles – Light Brown These hamsters come in all colors and they each have a unique personality and whimsical sounds, like purring and cooing. They move across the floor or through the many hamster habitats.
You can purchase habitats like the Zhu Zhu Pets Airport/Plane, a garage, Zhu Zhu Pets Salon, Zhu Zhu Pets Pizzeria, or an add on such as slides and trees.

One neat feature is that the habitats can be connected together into one large area for the hamsters to go exploring. They are lots of fun. Each Habitat is sold separately, which makes for even better birthday and holiday gifts. It’s like giving your kids the closest thing to a real hamster without all the mess and germs.
There is enough variety to fit any kids desires and dreams. My kids love them.

Little Tikes Super Spiral Sprinkler 0

Posted on June 27, 2010 by carol

Little Tikes Super Spiral Sprinkler
I have a 3 year old and 9 year old and they love to play in the water out back. We’ve done the water balloons, played with the hose and ran through the sprinklers but we needed a new water toy, so we found a few that worked and didn’t work so well. What worked was this Little Tikes Super Spiral Sprinkler. It was more fun for my little one. She never liked the sprinklers because the water would shoot out and hit her in the eyes. This sprinkler toy shoots water lower out of her face. The balls that shoot off the top of the water spiral are easier for my older daughter to do. This is a good toy for the money and it keeps my youngest busy for a while. Another good point to this toy is that I don’t have to waste all that water turning on the sprinklers throughout the entire yard. Now it’s just one sprinkler and I can move it around.

The Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler is suppose to be lots of fun for the kids, especially if you don’t have a pool. My kids would make me spray them with the hose and now I can hook the hose up to this Giant 88″ Beach Ball and watch while they have fun. However it didn’t turn out that way for long. This Ball filled with water after about 15 minutes and then it wouldn’t move. With so much water in the ball the water wasn’t able to spray out the holes anymore. I got about 15-20 minutes of fun with it and then it was back to the sprinklers.

Blue Gymnastics Action Poster 0

Posted on May 11, 2010 by carol

Normally I would post a review on a particular toy or game for children, however I have found a way to have fun with somewhat older children, perhaps children that enjoy doing crafts. And that is to let them help in decorating their rooms.

My kids are ready to have fun decorating their rooms. A great way to have fun is with posters, murals, and/or wall decals. My daughter happens to be in Gymnastics so I’ve used Blue Gymnastics Action Poster as an example of the many posters you can find to decorate. It’s nice cause their are so many choices that come in different colors, shapes, and sizes.

This GYMNASTICS – Street Sign – new gymnast leotards gift novelty street sign is a unique way to decorate a child’s room.

Another cute one is the Confidence Poster.

-This Mural- Sudden Shadows Gymnast Gymnastics Wall Shadow Mural lets your wall color show through the mural. It’s self adhesive and it can be moved. The dimensions are 33″ x 32″ so you can build a scene around it or use more than one mural. Most of the wall decals or murals are around $20.00 but some may cost more. Of course this is true for all different sports. If your child has a passion for soccer or baseball then you will want to have a look at the many choices of sports and special interests to choose from.

Cootie 0

Posted on April 15, 2010 by carol

My daughter just turned three and she was given Cootie
as a present. Of all the presents she was given she loved this one the best. She played with it for hours. Some of you might remember this game from when you were a kid. It’s been around for awhile. Cootieis recommended for children 3 and older. My daughter doesn’t play the game cootie, she just plays with the pieces. This was a great birthday gift, fun and inexpensive. If you purchase it now through Amazon you can also get a 2nd Hasbro game for 50% off until April 30th. Games like Hi Ho Cherry-O
or Ants in the Pants Cootie Games.

Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Trike 0

Posted on March 28, 2010 by carol

The Radio Flyer Fold 2 Go Trike is a smart choice for parents that like to take the kids bike with them on car or RV trips. It folds nicely into a compact size that fits almost anywhere. It’s a good choice for a tricycle if you have a child just learning how to ride a bike. You might be temped to buy a small bike with training wheels as a first choice but as we soon found out most kids don’t get it. With the trike your child can start with learning how to peddle and steer first without the added complication of balancing the bicycle as well. Another trike that is fine as a first time tricycle is the Kettler Kettrike Alana Tricycle with Pushbar which is a similar trike but it comes with a 3 point harness seatbelt and a pushbar which allows parents to push the child on the trike while standing behind the trike. However this tricycle is also double the price. Instead of a tag of around $50 it would cost over $100.00. I would recommend taking your child to a store first and letting them sit on different types of bikes and see which one suits them. Then you can go online and search for desired details such as price, amenities, shipping benefits and the actual bells and whistles.

Moon Sand Cement City with Case 0

Posted on March 26, 2010 by carol

This stuff – Moon Sand Cement City with Case- is great!! All kids love it. There are different colors of sand and many different kits to choose from. We purchased our first kit when moon sand just came out so we didn’t have all the great kits to choose from. I have a 6 year old nephew who got some for his 6th birthday and he loves it. It could be a little messy for younger kids like 2 and 3 year olds. I have my kids play with it out back in the grass. If your kids have ever been to the beach and love playing in the sand there they will love this stuff. Check out some of the other kits like the The Moon Sand Amusement Park Carrying Case or the Moon Sand Royal Castle. Once your child picks the kit you can always buy more moon sand with out the kits. Moon Sand Party Pack – 6 Different Colors

Intex Recreation Jump-O-Lene, Transparent Ring Bounce, Age 3-6 0

Posted on January 28, 2010 by carol

This Jump-O-Lene, the Intex Recreation Jump-O-Lene, Transparent Ring Bounce, Age 3-6 is ideal for kids needing to expend a little energy. We use it indoors which is great if it’s cold and snowing outside. It’s hard for kids to be cooped up all day and with this Intex Recreation Jump-O-Lene, Transparent Ring Bounce, Age 3-6 you can keep your kids from jumping on the couches and off the tables in your home.

IntexRecreationJumpOLene Its pretty big so you definitely need room not only for the Jump-O-Lene but also a little space around it. It’s simple to set up but you will probably want an air pump to make it easier. You can purchase the Intex 110-120 Volt AC Quick-Fill Electric Pump which works well for this item as well as other inflatables you may have around your home like balls, pools & bike tires. Over time you will notice that the Jump-O-Lene tends to loose air at a quicker pace so having the pump around makes it much more convenient. Amazon also sells 100 pcs Fun Ballz that you can add to the Intex Transparent Ring Bouncer Playhouse Ball Pit Toy for added fun. The Three items mentioned can be purchased together for one price instead of individually priced items.

Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Walk and Giggle Doll 0

Posted on December 08, 2009 by carol

Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Walk and Giggle Doll

OK with so many different baby dolls out there which one is the best?? Well it depends on what your little girl finds funny or entrancing. My toddler likes the Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Walk and Giggle Doll mainly because she can giggle and walk. LittleMommyRealLovingBabyWalkandGiggleDoll My 2 1/2 year old can relate to trying to stand up and walk and she likes to walk her dog on a leash as well. Another favorite of hers is the Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Scoot So Cute Doll – Blue If your little one is crawling this would be great for them… its really adorable and funny to little kids. My daughter had a hard time choosing between the two!

Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Scoot So Cute Doll – Blue

LeapFrog Learn & Groove™ Musical Table 0

Posted on December 01, 2009 by carol

LeapFrog Learn & Groove™ Musical Table

LeapFrogLearnGrooveMusicalTable This is a learning toy that lasts for a couple of years. The LeapFrog Learn & Groove™ Musical Table is great for kids from as young as 6 months up to 3 years old. The top can be used without the legs or table part so babies can set it on the floor next to them and play. As they begin to stand up you can put the legs under it and let them walk around the table and play. This toy provides kids with 15 different activities and plays 40 songs. The best part about this activity table is that it not only intrigues your baby with fascinating and compelling sounds & activities it can also teach your toddler to count in English and Spanish. Your baby will love the chance to roll, tap, slide or spin different shapes & numbers. LeapFrog Learn & Groove™ Musical Table

Pirate Pop-Up Tent 0

Posted on November 30, 2009 by carol

If your child likes pretend play then they will love this Pirate Pop-Up Tent. Kids love to build fortresses and pretend they are on an adventure. This Pirate Pop-Up Tent is great for indoor use as well as outdoor. If you live where it snows this is ideal for indoor use especially if your child doesn’t have a playroom or somewhere to hide from little brothers or sisters. It pops up and down in seconds and has a mesh look-out window. If your child already has some pirate costumes and/or accessories this will be a great addition. You can also pick up some Pirates Tattoos (Temporary Tattoos) or Pirate Skulls & Crossbones Tattoos for added fun.

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